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 I am Ngombe Mayunda.

 I am a Christian singer/songwriter, author and filmmaker, founder and Owner of the


Please come join us in prayer for the healing of our sick and dying world from CODIV-19.  Together we will make a difference in our world. Please see our prayer program on our prayer PAGE in this website.  I had this idea because I am a survivor of a severe drought that killed lots of people in my tribe and my city Tshela Mayombe,  in the south west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Africa in the 80's, for lack of food and water to drink, after God stopped giving us rain for a year.  Our Pastor in our church asked us to pray to GOD and fast for a day,  to ask for the  forgiveness of our sins and the healing of our land, and we did it and God heard our prayers and healed our land, after that we had lots of food and water, and people stopped dying from hunger. So I know and believe in the power of praying together in the name of Jesus, for every situation. With this CODIV-19 situation we are going through worldwide, we need to pray and pray for the healing of our world.

You can  also read about my survivor story in my book called;  THANK YOU AMERICA; BOOK ONE.  this book is worldwide at Amazon and lots of book stores. If you want a signed copy, you can buy it in this website in our store page.

You can also pray in music with our new music Album called: HEAL OUR WORLD/ Ngombe Mayunda. This Album is divine and will bring you a divine atmosphere of peace, love, healing, joy, hope and salvation if you did not receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior yet, and it is easy to do that, just say it now; Jesus Christ, I believe in you that you are the true GOD, please come in my life now and help me to know you more. When you say that, know that you are already saved, CONGRATULATIONS., and now start talking to Him about anything, He loves you so very much and He will talk back to you. The Album is on Amazon, Google, iTunes, Spotify and more.

If you have a question or a suggestion, feel free to contact us in our contact page.  Stay safe and thank you for visiting.