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Hope you and all your loved ones are safe. Let us pray together in Jesus' Name.

As we all know that our world is very sick and dying from COVID-19, the first thing we need is a Divine intervention in prayers for the healing of our world. So I invite you to join us in this international praying Campaign called;


We will also pray in songs and in so many different ways, to Daddy God our Creator, to have mercy on us and heal our world. We have started an

INTERNATIONAL HOUR OF PRAYER EVERYDAY [ I H P E ],over the phone, to help all Citizen of the world, to pray together at the 19th hour of the day, that is 7pm each day for the whole hour, for the healing of our world. to participate, we ask you to say a short prayer over our free conference call number during that hour where ever you are in the world. Here is our free conference call number to call for USA and Canada residents 1-712-770-4822 then enter this code 842753# and you will join us in prayer. You can stay for the whole hour or you can just stay with us for few minutes then you can leave. if you do not live in the USA or Canada, no problem just let me know your country of residence and i will give you the free number to call and join us. For now we use Eastern Time that is New York time. If you can not join us, it is OK just pray where ever you are, we will still be united in Spirit.

You can also pray by playing any prayer song you want in your device or you can download our prayer Album world-wide on Amazon, Google, iTunes and more it is called;

HEAL OUR WORLD/ Ngombe Mayunda. You can also pray by wearing or using our prayer T.Shirts, Bump Stickers, Hats, yard sign and more... you can buy them at our Home page or Store Page and in some other pages.

Please invite also your relatives and friends to join us, together we will making a big difference in our world. If you have a question or a suggestion, feel free to contact us from our contact page. Stay safe, thanks.